Hello! I'm Michelle Anna

I am the face behind Annabelle Photography. Small town girl of Bright, Ontario. I specialize in wedding, engagement, and lifestyle photography. 

Ever since I was young I can remember taking in moments and wanting them to last forever, looking at a sunrise, sitting by a lake watching the morning fog clear away, watching love and laughter, all these things have contributed to why I became a photographer. 

Somethings about me:

- I live in a small town called Bright, ON

- My hometown is Bowmanville, ON

- I teach JK two days a week, I love kids! 

- I love to travel and explore new places. If this involves a road trip, I'm all yours.

- I come from a florist family... so I LOVE FLOWERS!

- My favourite foods are tacos and pad thai... mmmm...

- I have been married to the love of my life, Phil, for three years now

-We have an adorable year and a half year old puppy named Macy. She’s the best dog! 

Questions? Please don't hesitate to contact me either through my website or by emailing me at: